Great audience insights come from developing long-term, ongoing relationships with real people. We dig deep to understand the details that influence their attitudes and behaviors over time. We truly get to know them; we grow and change with consumers as if they are our best friend.

Here are some important ways we have stayed close to and evolved with key consumer segments:

While advertisers of senior-targeted brands thought the way to reach adults 55+ was to leverage their limitations, struggles and fears, Davis Elen dedicated years studying and speaking with older Americans – and recognized that it is all about boosting morale, celebrating their independence, and facilitating purpose. Additionally, marketers that have failed to keep up with older Americans have bought into the stereotype that they do not embrace technology, when they are actually keen to adapt to emerging technologies to fit their daily wants and needs (e.g., smart home/handsfree technology, grocery, and food delivery apps, etc.).


When many marketers thought the way to reach Asian Americans was through Asian-skewing media, DE understood the importance of the segment’s multigenerational household dynamic. Many straddle acculturated work life and Asian home life so it is important to connect with them via in-language as well as culturally relevant English executions.

Our new best friend is the coveted Gen Z consumer. DE got to know these “digital natives” by performing detailed ethnographies with our Gen Z interns and their peers. With often-overlooked Gen X parents, Gen Z is motivated to stand out from Millennials by embracing their historic diversity. Unlike their lazy “screenager” stereotype, these young learners are ready to emerge as creative and technological thought leaders who deftly engage with others on and off their screens. Gen Z consumes content with purpose and leverages it to create intentional relationships and a uniquely-thought-out path to their own future.


Once we know WHO we are talking to, it is easy to determine HOW, WHEN and WHERE to talk to them.

The customer journey was once thought to be a very linear experience, and similar among different consumers. As new forms of media emerged, including the advent of social media, consumer habits have become more individualized and the path to purchase has become more complex. DE’s Insights & Strategy team has an unrivaled passion for carefully navigating these complexities, getting to know our clients’ consumers at the deepest levels and staying on the pulse of consumer trends. Speaking directly to consumers is as important as investing in marketing tools that help us to keep up with them through ongoing social and cultural shifts. DE’s dedication to following the customer journey and identifying notable variations in target audience’s attitudes and behaviors has enabled successful and effective engagement with our clients’ customers leading to decades-long client relationships.

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