Employee Spotlight: Jackie Hart

Jackie Hart

Account Director

We have a Champion Showmanship Winner for Pygmy Goats in our house and we’re proud of it. Jackie Hart, Associate Account Director at our Arlington office, is a woman of many talents and passions and entertained us with some of her best memories and stories. 

Where are you from originally?  
Harford County, MD. I grew up on a small farm with pygmy goats and chickens.  
What was life like growing up in the country? 
Quiet, lots of time outside. My parents got me involved in 4H when I was young because they did it and a lot of people in the area did it. We started with rabbits and then they let me pick an animal when we went to the Harford County Farm Fair to get involved with. I picked pygmy goats – I thought they were cute. 

Wow! Starting 4H at such an early age! What areas did you enjoy or excel in the most? 

Champion Cake Decorator many years over. The best one I created was a barn and farm animals out of icing. 

I also was frequently the Champion Showmanship winner for pygmy goats. There are two major categories within showing animals – where you, the owner, are judged and the second is when the animal is judged. Showmanship is you – I had to know the anatomy of the animal and train them (my two Showmanship goats were named Mischief and Athena).  

Being a champion pygmy goat winner is ALWAYS my ice breaker because when people meet me today, they would never expect it and are always so curious to hear more.

How interesting about the pygmy goat competitions! What do you think of people owning goats as pets, and even goat yoga? 

It is great! I just wish it was cooler when I was younger. I was the weird kid at school who had goats (I went to a different school than a lot of the people who did 4H). I like to say that I knew goats were cool before people thought they were trendy.  

How did your experience with competing in 4H influence your choice to go into advertising? Any lessons/skills you learned back then that still translate for you today?

I played sports, too – only the ones I was good at! I was very competitive, and I wanted to be the best and worked hard to be. I am still competitive. I compete with myself. Can I be better than I was last year? Yesterday? I am always looking to improve. Now it’s just with PPTs and client presentations.

We heard you were also into Field Hockey growing up. Tell us more!

Field hockey & softball! Just like 4H, my dad got me into softball at an early age because he played baseball growing up. Turned out I was pretty decent at it. I am always down to join a softball team now, especially a co-ed league because the men never expect the 5’2” blonde woman to throw them out from 3rd base. Always fun to surprise people.

It’s clear your passion and love for animals still rings true today. Tell us more about the Arlington office’s unofficial mascot? 

My dog Tater. He’s my pride and joy! At our old office, he would go in with me a couple of times a week. Everyone loved him except when he would fart at the office. He cleared out many conference rooms and offices. Frenchies are very gassy.
He misses the office. When I say my coworkers’ names, he remembers. His ears go up and his head turns. He misses them.