Employee Spotlight: Christian Hernandez

Christian Hernandez

Senior Copywriter
Hispanic Team, Davis Elen

We asked Christian a few questions about his Cinco de Baja Event.

So we hear your house is the place to be on Cinco de Mayo (your annual hosted party), tell us more!

I started hosting Cinco de Mayo parties at my house a few years ago because this holiday is a big party in the US, but not really that important in Mexico. Especially because it’s not Independence Day. It’s a day that commemorates the Battle of Puebla in 1862, where the Mexican Army along with some civilians defeated the French Army. So I was like, “Let’s make Cinco de Mayo Mexican Again” as a joke and invited a diverse group of friends to celebrate.

Christian Hernandez's Cinco de Mayo party

Tell us about the virtual event you’re hosting for us?

Cinco de Baja is a virtual fiesta that will let us take in the festivities in a different way. Normally we think of a night of Tacos & Tequila as the Mexican celebration epitome. However, I wanted to give it a twist with the booming BajaMed cuisine. It’s a name that comes from the delightful fusion of both Baja California and Mediterranean cuisines. I’m thinking of pairing a delicious lobster salad with a wine from the Valle de Guadalupe region.

A lunch scene overlooking a winery in Hacienda Guadalupe, Baja Mexico, Mexico

This is your second year hosting a virtual Cinco de Mayo event, how has your experience been with the transition of WFH?

Working from home is not an easy task. You need to bring your concentration level up, learn how to separate work life from home life and set a schedule that you can commit to. On the other hand, it’s a blessing to skip traffic, eat a home cooked meal and walk around the neighborhood during office hours.

What is your connection to Baja?

The connection I have with Baja goes beyond the beach or the wine country. I’m originally from the border (Ciudad Juárez / El Paso,TX). My life has fluctuated in a constant duality between the US & Mexico, English & Spanish, and Soccer & Football. For this reason, I always come back to the border, even if it’s not Juarez. I go to Tijuana to visit friends, eat amazing food and also give back to the community. For the past seven years we’ve visited Instituto Madre Asunta and donated whatever items we can. It’s a migrant shelter for women & children that does a lot for the Central American migrants making the trip north. If you want to learn more, feel free to reach out to me.

A migrant shelter in Tijuana, Mexico

What can we learn? Do you recommend any resources for us to read?

To know more about Baja, you have to live it. I’ve traveled throughout the peninsula and it’s always a great experience. You can stop for langosta in Puerto Nuevo, wine tasting in Valle de Guadalupe, go whale watching in Guerrero Negro, see cave paintings in San Francisco de la Sierra, camp on the beach in Bahía Concepción, play golf in Loreto, and, obviously party in Los Cabos. Most of all, come for the food. You will love it!

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A image of Danzante Bay, Baja California, Mexico by Christian Hernandez