The Davis Elen Stay-In-Your-House Party

Davis Moranville falls into the dunk tank while wearing a ballerina shark costume.
David takes a dive into the dunk tank

DE went virtual for our summer party this year and we know what you’re thinking: “what does that even mean?” Well, it means a whole lot of laughs. We found out that whether it’s virtual or IRL, a party is a party and a smiling face is a smiling face.

The whole thing went down on Zoom and included 152 employees from six offices around the country, which was super cool. It was hosted by a Hype Team that can only be described as the hypiest hype team to ever hype. They definitely kept that energy up and guided us through this strange new party world.

As for the party itself it had all the things that parties need. Booze, music, and the best people around. It was set up like a trivia/game-night competition with office and pop culture questions like “Guess the #1 answer to what animated movie makes you cry?” (We all know it’s Toy Story 3.)

The winners of each round got a chance to dunk our CCO in a non-virtual dunk tank, a.k.a. a real one. Since we all couldn’t be there live, a few incredibly happy employees were on-site to act as proxy pitchers for the rest of us. As expected, everyone missed the target. But also as expected, everyone cheated and dunked him anyway.

All in all, it was a success. And of course it was. Because it’s not really where the party is, it’s who you party with.