Employee Spotlight: Karen Doolittle

“I’m drawn to people, I’m drawn to color.”

Karen Doolittle focuses her lens on what she sees in life’s in-between moments. When talking about photography, it’s clear that for her it’s not a switch to be turned on and off. She doesn’t splinter her creativity — those in-between moments come when they come.

Karen Doolittle self portrait
“I’ve taken some of my favorite photos while on the clock for DE. I really do believe in people magic. What we build and do together is incredible.”

Karen isn’t necessarily looking to make a master statement. The way she looks at it, she is simply taking note of what we take for granted and elevating it to something beautiful. Which, in and of itself, is a beautiful thing.

You’ll have an opportunity to see for yourself, as Davis Elen’s exhibition series kicks off this month with photography by Karen Doolittle.