Purity Coffee Purity for flow, Purity for life


Coffee has evolved into three categories: Convenient, Premium, and Specialty. Davis Elen recognized the need to create a fourth category for Purity Coffee, which would enable it to serve as the pioneer brand for the Healthy Coffee category.


The science behind Purity Coffee is unmatched. It was up to Davis Elen to explain Purity Coffee’s highly scientific process using straightforward language.


The biggest misconception surrounding coffee is that caffeine causes jitters. But coffee-related anxiousness is actually caused by mold, which occurs due to low standards in both quality of beans and the overall process.


Davis Elen came to a single truth that would anchor the campaign: Drinking Purity Coffee every day rejuvenates the mind, body, and spirit.


Essence Video

With Purity Coffee’s essence video, Davis Elen marries education with aspiration to increase brand awareness and change thinking on coffee’s health benefits.


When it came to packaging, Davis Elen saw an opportunity to expand Purity Coffee’s palette to address their growing variety of blends, each formulated to address specific health needs.

Purity Coffee packaging for Productivity, Ease, Calm and Flow blends.

Digital Ads

Using a no-frills approach to messaging, and images that shine a light on wellness, Davis Elen’s Purity Coffee campaign created an entirely new Nutritious Coffee category.

Brand Book

To anchor its new direction, DE rethought and redesigned Purity Coffee’s brand. From logo to palette to font, the new brand book was created to foster an entirely fresh approach.

Davis Elen's Purity Coffee brand book cover


With Davis Elen, Purity Coffee saw 139% increase in revenue, with its sales volume increasing by 53% and its cost per sale decreasing by 39%.


revenue growth


sales volume


cost per sale