Best Buy Health


From a simple startup launched 17 years ago that marketed a simple cell phone for seniors, Lively (formerly GreatCall) has undergone a complete metamorphosis since its acquisition three years ago by Best Buy Health.


The Lively brand is inspiring today’s generation of older Americans (re-christened Generation Ageless, or what we have trademarked “GenA​®”) to live life to the fullest through an array of personalized services and simple, yet technologically advanced, products.


In close partnership with the client and its UX agency, we needed to develop and design over 200 pages of content in under eight months that would reflect our new value prop

1Incorporate fresh new look and feel

2Design refreshed color system

3Update product and lifestyle photography

4Coordinate multiple teams of contributors despite work-from-home pandemic limitations home page on a desktop and laptop computer

The Icon

Using some of the web’s best practices to create Lively’s icon system helped it to be suitable for various viewports and devices.

Service Icons

The development of Lively’s iconography system updated the visual language, making it friendly and easy to understand.

Type System

The Davis Elen digital team defined over more than 45 typographic styles using Lively’s brand font, Sofia Pro. Spanning headline styles and sizing scales for desktop, mobile, and tablet.


Users: 11,167,772
Sessions: 17,346,173
Page Views: 32,760,436

Conversions: Improved 50%
Transactions: Improved 26%
Online Revenue: Improved 44%
Page Load Time: Improved 18%


We have evolved the site into a home of exciting new content and a vastly improved customer experience that includes:

Visit the live site

1Dedicated landing pages for both of the client’s targets: Caregivers and End Users

2Added new functionality to make it easier for customers to shop at their preferred retailer’s website

3Added the ability of customers to purchase activated phones from the shopping cart

4Simplified access to Lively’s Health and Aging Resource Center, further accelerating Lively’s off-the-charts SEO ranking for non-branded terms