Toyota Telenovela

¡Te Lo Explicare Todo!

I’ll explain everything!

EL PROBLEMA: In recent years, Toyota had seen sales declining in the Hispanic market. We looked at how we could reverse this trend, generate more vehicle sales and increase our share of this vital and fast-growing market segment. A dramatic change was clearly called for.

Ruedas del Destino quinceañera

¡No Quiero Quinceñera, Quiero un Toyota!

I don’t want a quinceañera, I want a Toyota!

EL BACKGROUND: Two key cultural insights led us to our “big idea.” The quinceañera is a tradi­tional rite-of-passage celebration in many Latin American countries as well as here in the U.S. But in a major cultural shift, instead of the usual huge party, a new generation of quinceañeras has begun asking instead for something more practical, such as a new car.

We then connected that insight with another: the television genre watched in most Hispanic houses, the world-famous soap operas known as telenovelas. What if we were to develop a creative plan that would meaningfully connect with the Hispanic consumer by linking those two worlds? What if we created our own telenovela story line around a quinceañera who, in dramatic defiance of tradition, wants a Toyota?

Las Ruedas del Destino posters


Let our destiny roll!

LA SOLUTION: In late 2018, we created a Toyota telenovela. It would not just mimic the classic telenovela format, but produce a real telenovela where a story line developed throughout the year with Toyota at center stage. We titled it in typical novela intensity: The Wheels of Destiny. The results were so dramatic and so immediate that in 2019 we produced a second season.

Las Ruedas del Destino for Toyota by Davis Elen

¡Nos Apoderamos de los Medios!

We took over all media!

Our two-year-long media plan included top-rated Spanish-language TV and radio stations, a strong digital presence (streaming, mobile, social and display) and high-impact OOH.

Los Out of Home!

In 2018 and 2019, we blanketed Los Angeles with: 606 Bus Kings, 2,245 outdoor boards and 20 digital boards.

El Social Media

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Total Engagements to date: (likes, shares, views, saves, comments):
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We carried the telenovela storyline through to radio, producing 21 spots that were heard on radio stations and digital devices throughout Southern California.

You know that a NOVELA is good when it turns into a TELENOVELA with

In 2018, Las Ruedas del Destino delivered dramatic results:

Our market share increased 2.6%

Our growth volume jumped 8% from Q1–Q2 2017 to Q1–Q2 2018

Our campaign delivered a 10% jump in brand consideration from Hispanic auto intenders from Q4 2017 to Q2 2018

The campaign resonated with the Hispanic community, strongly influencing Brand Perception and Drive Purchase Intent. 88% said the ads motivated them to consider Toyota when buying a car and 90% felt the campaign connected genuinely to their cultural roots.

And in 2019, the results were even more dramatic:

Hispanic Market represented 46.8% of total Toyota sales, a 2.9% increase from 2018.

In fact, 16 of 20 Toyota models showed a year-over-year market share increase versus 2018.

And the top 6 Toyota nameplates represented over 20% of the total Hispanic Market sales.