GreatCall Simply Smarter


In 2006, GreatCall chose Davis Elen to launch the first-ever cell phone created for an aging population, the Jitterbug flip phone. Its unique features included big buttons, a loud speaker and an overall simplified user experience.


By 2008, the cell phone industry was growing rapidly and becoming dominated by smartphones that were marketed as easy to use. To maintain share in our target demographic, we were challenged to help develop and market a smartphone made specifically for the 65-plus population.

We worked quickly to develop an audience segmentation study that included:

1Distinct segment break-outs across the aging population (the end users, our primary customers) and their loved ones (their caregivers) who watched over them

21:1 ethnographies that helped us talk to our audience directly

3Secondary research to validate our learnings


Maintaining their independence was most important to them and they wanted tools to help them stay connected, safe and in control of their lives.

Human connection and personal operator service were key differentiating components.

Caregivers, usually a daughter or son, wanted peace of mind that their loved one was safe and secure.


Focus on simplicity and safety, conveying independence for the end user and peace of mind for the caregiver.

Develop an aspirational, non-condescending tone and style to deliver these key messages.

Emphasize human connection by making it easier to stay in touch with friends and family.





By February 2018, GreatCall had over 900,000 subscribers with a majority subscribing to multiple services. Given this success and the prospects for even greater growth in this underserved category, GreatCall was acquired by Best Buy for $800 million in August 2018, Davis Elen continuing to serve as the agency of record.