Smart & Final COVID Social


As a grocery retailer, Smart & Final was on the front lines of COVID-19 and while operating hours and stock were in flux, @smartfinal was always open. Our responsibility was to be both a resource and refuge for our audience and customers who looked to these communication channels for guidance.


It was critical to proceed with the utmost caution, clarity and care.

Smart & Final reacted to the COVID-19 crisis in real-time, pivoting to keep our neighbors not only informed of store procedures and hours, but also engaged and inspired with relevant content.

1These efforts have resulted in significant follower growth and a 186% increase in total engagement across our social platforms.*

2Our opportunity was to leverage this positive sentiment to grow our audience and customer base well beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.


As we adjusted to the new norms of social distancing, isolation, and quarantine that kept us separated and uprooted from normal routine, our customers increasingly turned to social media to information share and maintain connection with one another.

During what was an incredibly difficult time for all of us, our opportunity was to be of service by elevating and strengthening these connections.


While our essential workers were keeping everything running, we wanted to also celebrate the heroes at home who were helping to make a tough time a little easier.

As anticipated, we saw a sharp uptick in engagement and an influx of followers across Smart & Final’s social platforms that we continue to retain. During these unprecedented times our customers relied on us more than ever to meet their needs.


Total Follower Growth


Total Engagement Growth


Total Impression Growth