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Senior Media Planner - San Diego

San Diego, CA


Manages the day-to-day process of all media planning efforts for Clients of responsibility.


  • Implements the process and assists with the management of the strategic and tactical execution of all media products for Clients of responsibility.  
  • Confers with Media Director, Clients, and/or Account Services to establish media objectives, and strategies for advertising campaigns.
  • Presents media plans to Media Director, AccountServices and Client for approval and makes adjustments as necessary.
  • Writes plan presentations.  
  • Demonstrate a complete understanding of the Client’s business.
  • Implements the management of daily tasks in support of the media product.
  • Maintain budget control and ensure execution of media plans by authorizing approved media schedules and monitoring buys/schedules.
  • Foster a good working relationship with account and client teams to facilitate flawless execution of plans.
  • Evaluates composition of a wide range of media vehicles to determine which would most effectively reach the target audience.
  • Calculates reach and frequency of potential media vehicles
  • Confers with media representatives to evaluate best placement.
  • Gathers statistics and prepares media plans with directives to guide the buying process.
  • Studies demographic data and consumer profiles to identify desired target audiences for print, broadcast, or online advertising.
  • Keeps current on media trends.
  • Responsible for developing the skill and knowledge base of those more junior as well as supervise, advise and counsel group in all daily activities.
  • Motivate Planners and encourage innovation and creativity throughout all projects by serving as a role model within the group/team.
  • Lead team in setting strategies for developing media plans.


  • Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) from a four-year college or university required.  
  • 5 +years of Media Planning experience required.  
  • Strong mathematical abilities required.
  • Attention to detail required.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks required.
  • Strong presentation skills preferred.

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